Prof. Keiichi Yamazaki confirmed participation in Lawle-EPRG 2017

We are pleased to inform that Yokohama National Universitys Professor Keiichi Yamazaki, has confirmed participation in the joint Lawle-EPRG 2017 event.

Prof. Keiichi Yamazaki is Head, Department of International Development, GSISS, YNU, Head, Department of International Economics, College of Economics, YNU, Chief, Macroeconomic Growth Division, Center for Economic Growth Strategy, YNU, Researcher, Unit for Development Policy for Latin America, Institute of Advanced Sciences, YNU and Vice Director, Joint Japan-World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program at YNU on Public Policy and Taxation. 

Prof. Yamazaki is a current Board Member of the  Japan Society of Social Science on Latin America and of the Japan Association for the Study of Local Government. He is currently on the Organizing Committee of the 2017 Annual Meeting of Japan Association for the Study of Local Government (to be held in November at Senshu University, Tokyo) and of The 74th Annual Meeting of Japan Institute of Public Finance (to be held in September 2017 at Rikkyo University, Tokyo)


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