(in pdf)

The Economics and Politics Research Group (EPRG) is accepting submissions of papers and book launch proposals for the joint events Fourth Latin American Workshop in Law and Economics, LAWLE 2017 and Fifth Annual Meeting of the Economics and Politics Research Group, 2017 EPRG to be held on November 16 to 18, 2017 in Brasilia, Brazil. We are looking for papers and books that cut across the fields of economics, political science, law, sociology and psychology.

Submissions of papers and book-launch proposals should be made by September 30, 2017 (extended deadline) through the submission webpage:

Final selection results will be announced by October 9, 2017. Please, also check:

Due to limited space, we kindly suggest those who are interested in attending the events to register at their earliest convenience.
We look forward to meeting you in Brasilia!
Warmest regards,

Mauricio Bugarin
President of the Organizing Committees of LAWLE 2017 and 2017 EPRG,, http://www.LAWLE.ORG/LAWLE-2017

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